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"Layers of abstraction too often
become boundaries of competence"

Enterprise Architects are normally expensive participants on your team.  They produce copious amounts of abstract designs whose value is often lost on, or ignored by, the developers and other members of your technology projects.

Developers, having ignored the abstract input of the Architects, then proceed to make design & architectural decisions in isolation not fully realising the implications of their decisions.

One of the various ways to prevent layers of abstraction becoming boundaries of competence is to utilise enterprise & application architects who are/were developers and to have guided design sessions with developers to ensure that your enterprise software is not patched together but built intentionally according to well developed design trajectories.

Tools such as the technology radar, rapid prototyping, design workshops and technology decision logs are all part of the repertoire we bring to large & complex projects where overlapping competencies can be the difference between success or failure.  Feel free to Contact Us to assist you with your next complex project.

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