Cyber-Security is all about good governance (whether it be PCI-DSS, incident response planning, or DR & BCP) , and then again it is all about having access to the correct skills (network & firewall skills, understanding the hardware, cloud, hypervisor, operating system and application estates, and their many vulnerabilities, and patching regimes.  Of course it is also about corporate culture (response time, transparency, cyber awareness & proactive readiness) and then again it is about using technology to protect the technology (reports, log, alerts, and designing in security from the start).

Cyber-Mint's qualified and experienced team work with your cyber-security professionals to establish a robust cyber-security posture for your company that will:
(a) align to your IT Governance,
(b) improve your cyber-security skills,
(c) realise a cyber-security aware culture, and
(d) allow you to deploy cost effective technology to address your cyber-security concerns.

Payment Systems Consulting is a specialist area and in which there is proven experience in the team.

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