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Software Development has become complex because of the many platforms that need to be supported, because of the many tools that need to be used and because of the many languages required for an optimal solution.  Taken together with fact that most developers only know one or two languages, the need for larger development teams and a dependency on a small number of highly skilled resources means that new ways of managing important software projects are required.  Cyber-Mint has relevant experience at resourcing & structuring such projects, including multi-vendor projects, remote teams, micro-services, cloud, and API first approaches.

Database Solutions form the foundation of any modern business and Cyber-Mint is conversant in the common database technologies.  Cyber-Mint advocates enterprise-grade PostgreSQL as a viable open-source database management system because it is performant, absolutely stable and with large and active community support thus making it easy for your developers to find help or learning resources.

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